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Welfare Fund Temporary Mailing Addresses

The Welfare Fund is between offices until our next space is ready. Here are our temporary U.S. Post mailing addresses:

To Send Payment for Welfare Fund COBRA, Adjunct Family Coverage, Med D Late Enrollment Penalty, Survivor Benefits or anything that includes a payment to the Welfare Fund:

Standard Mail

PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund
P.O. Box 23565
New York, NY 10087-3565

Overnight Mail

JPMorgan Chase – Lockbox Processing
Attn: PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund & 23565
4 Chase Metrotech Center
7th floor East
Brooklyn, NY 11245

For All Other U.S. Mail Correspondence that does NOT include a payment:

PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund
P.O. Box 280278
Brooklyn, NY  11228

As always, you can contact our staff by email. Use the Welfare Fund contacts or





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