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This document is known as a Summary Plan Description. By its very nature, this is a condensation of many pages of concise contracts that the Fund holds with a number of insurance carriers and vendors. The officers of the Fund have used best efforts to assure that these terms are conveyed completely, accurately and in useable form. To the extent that ambiguities are perceived, or interpretation differs, the contracts govern and supersede language employed herein.

Actions of Others

Because of the supplemental nature of the Fund, the Fund Office relies upon the employer and the staff of related (CUNY) personnel offices to provide accurate and timely information. The Fund Office strives to assure that mutually beneficial communication is maintained. It cannot be responsible for unauthorized or inappropriate actions on the part of these or other third parties.

Beyond Simple Clarifications

The Fund Office is prohibited from using its resources to counsel or represent Fund participants in actions against the employer, the NY City Employee Health Insurance Program or any related carriers. Nor can the Fund participate in legal activity that may relate to health expenses or medical conditions. We will diligently enforce the terms of contracts where the Fund is a party but cannot extend involvement beyond that purview.

Rights of the Trustees

The Board of Trustees has a fiduciary responsibility to assure the financial health of the Fund. The Trustees intend to continue the programs described in any of the Fund's Plans of Benefits indefinitely. Nevertheless, the Trustees continue to reserve the right, which they are given in the Fund's Trust Indenture, subject to the provisions of any applicable collective bargaining agreement, to terminate or amend any of the plans or programs of benefits. Summary Plan Descriptions are made available to you by the Fund office for your convenience and describe the benefits administered by the Fund and those that you can purchase from other providers. However, each benefit plan or program is always subject to: a) the full terms of each contract between the Fund and the benefit's or program's provider or administrator as it is described in the contract between the Fund and the provider or administrator or b) the applicable insurance policy at the time the claim occurs.

Programs and benefits for all participants are not guaranteed. The Trustees reserve the right to change or discontinue at any time the types and amounts of benefits and the eligibility rules under the plans and programs.

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