Optional Benefits (Retirees)

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What optional benefits are available to retirees?

Optional benefits are made available to Fund participants (and often other dependents) but are not part of the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund's basic package paid by the employer's contribution. They currently include only Term Life Insurance, provided by the NYSUT Member Benefits Trust. 

The premiums are borne by the participants (or dependents) themselves.

There are requirements for eligibility and enrollment.

Programs are underwritten and administered by insurance companies and brokers.

The descriptions provided here are intended to cover the salient points, but members are advised to contact the carriers for more complete information.

Please be aware that enrollment in the group Catastrophe Major Medical and Long Term Care plans previously offered through the Welfare Fund are currently closed. If and when we have a date for open enrollment, we will announce it on the website homepage.

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