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NYC Audit of Dependent Benefits Eligibility

The City of New York has begun an audit of dependents covered by the NYC Health Benefits Program—without approval of the PSC or any city unions. Because the audit process was seriously flawed, the Municipal Labor Committee went to court to impose a temporary restraining order. This provided time to reach agreement with the City on an appeal process, protection from recourse, and safeguards to confidentiality. Protections apply to those who respond to the audit by the extended deadline of Nov. 4.

Read the details of the agreement provided by the Municipal Labor Committee here.

We strongly urge you not to ignore this audit. Submit copies of the requested documents or you risk losing health coverage for dependents. Everyone under age 80 with dependents on their policy should have received notice of the audit.

If you have dependents and did not receive a notification letter, please contact the Aon Hewitt Dependent Eligibility Customer Care Center, available by toll-free call at 1-855-596-7454. When you are asked for your dependent verification number, reply "I don't have it," and you will reach a live customer service person. 



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