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New ID Cards for GHI-CBP, GHI Senior Care, and PICA Drug Plan

During May and June Emblem Health will issue new insurance cards for all members and their dependents. Each member and dependent will receive their own card with a new, unique ID number, for use beginning July 1. If you do not receive new cards by the end of June, please call the customer service number on your old cards or email the New York City Benefits Program at Participants may use their old cards for a few weeks during the transition to the new cards.

The New York City PICA Prescription program for injectable and chemotherapy medications will also issue new cards (see below). In this case, each member will be issued two cards, for use by members and dependents on the plan. 

Here are examples of the new GHI-CBP and Empire Cards:

GHI cards Active

Here are pictures of the GHI Senior Care and Empire Cards:

GHI Senior

And here are the new NYC PICA Prescription Program Cards for injectable and chemotherapy medications. Each family participating in the PICA program will receive two identical cards. If you do not receive the cards by the end of June please call 1-800-467-2006. 

PICA cards


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