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Here's What to Do If You Didn't Get Your CVS Card

If you have not received your CVS prescription drug card and you need to fill a prescription, you may print out a temporary card. 

During Welfare Fund office hours, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., call Sakina Carter, 212-354-5230, ext. 1326. Otherwise...

Active Employees and Retirees Under 65 can print a temporary CVS/Caremark card here.

Medicare-eligible retirees can print a temporary SilverScript card here. 

You do not need an ID number. Take the card to your pharmacy (it doesn't need to be a CVS) and provide your Social Security number. Your pharmacist will use the number to confirm your enrollment in the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund SilverScript prescription drug plan.

You may fill prescriptions at ANY pharmacy, not just CVS.

Coverage for diabetes-related prescriptions has not changed. Keep using your basic health insurance card to fill those prescriptions.

Please confirm that CVS/Caremark or SilverScript has your correct address by calling CVS at 866-209-6177 or SilverScript at 866-881-8573. You will not need to give your Social Security number over the phone.

Link to CVS/Caremark website:

Link to PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund SilverScript website


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