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GHI Rules for Diabetic, ACA Medications, and Low-dose Statin Prescriptions

Welfare Fund members in GHI-CBP or HIP HMO who use their basic health insurance card when filling maintenance prescriptions for diabetic medications, ACA-covered preventive medications (including contraceptives) and low-dose generic statins must follow certain procedures to avoid paying full price for the medications.

Emblem Health has announced that those in GHI-CBP or HIP HMO are required to fill prescriptions for their maintenance medications by purchasing a 3-month supply at a participating Walgreens pharmacy or by mail order from Express Scripts. Otherwise members will be charged full cost.

To find a Walgreens pharmacy that participates in filling 3-month supplies, register at Select Prescriptions and choose Find A Pharmacy. The pharmacy can tell you how to transfer your prescriptions or start a new one.

To have diabetic medications, ACA-covered preventive medications (including contraceptives), and low-dose generic statins delivered to your home by mail-order, call Express Scripts, 866-890-1419, or register at They will contact your doctor to get your new prescription.


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