NYC HBP and PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund

PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund Office

The Welfare Fund is between offices until our next location is ready. Here are our temporary U.S. Post mailing addresses:

To Send Payment for Welfare Fund COBRA or Survivor Benefits

Standard Mail

PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund
P.O. Box 23565
New York, NY 10087-3565

Overnight Mail

JPMorgan Chase – Lockbox Processing
Attn: PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund & 23565
4 Chase Metrotech Center
7th floor East
Brooklyn, NY 11245

For All Other U.S. Mail Correspondence

PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund
P.O. Box 280278
Brooklyn, NY  11228

Telephone: 212-354-5230

Got a Question? Please Email the Fund:

Professional Staff Congress (PSC)

212-354-1252 (General Information) 

New York City Health Benefits Program

22 Cortlandt St., 12th floor
New York, NY 10007
212-306-7200 (General Information)
212-306-7202 (fax) 

Retirees! For NYC Health Benefits Program (basic health insurance) questions, call the NYC Office of Labor Relations (OLR) at 212 513-0470. Please be aware that this is a very active phone line. Wait times are inconsistent. It pays to call back. 

Retirees can email health benefits inquiries to healthbenefits@OLR.NYC.GOV.  Inquiries will be responded to as soon as practicable.

NYC Office of Labor Relations Telephone Contacts Page

CUNY Benefits Office

Talin Spenjian
University Employee Benefits Program Director
City University of New York
395 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10014
Cell: (917) 621-6698

Questions related to Medicare Part B reimbursements for TIAA participants, as well as applications, should be directed to: Delfino Rojas, Delfino.rojas@cuny.edu646-664-3415, or Talin Spenjian, 646-664-3357

CUNY Human Resources Management, University Benefits

PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund Office

Email is not secure. For your own protection when contacting the Fund via email DO NOT include any personal health information or attach any forms containing any personal health information. If you have questions for the Fund that require you to share personal information (or the personal information of others), please call the Fund Office at 212-354-5230.


Ana Rodriguez
212-354-5230 ext. 1316

Prescription Drugs

Jennifer Melfi
212-354-5230 ext. 1329


Ana Rodriguez
212-354-5230 ext. 1316


Ana Rodriguez
212-354-5230 ext. 1316

Survivor Coverage, COBRA Benefits

Toni Ann Carestia
212-354-5230 ext. 1323

Catastrophe Major Medical, Long Term Care

Patrick Smith
212-354-5230 ext. 1318

Retirement Benefits Counselor

Sandra Zaconeta
212-354-5230 ext. 1317


Executive Director

Donna Costa
212-354-5230 ext. 1311

Associate Director

Gregory Vagelatos
212-354-5230 ext. 1312

Director of Financial Services

Jose Quijije
212-354-5230 ext. 1320

Communications Director

Patrick Smith
212-354-5230 ext. 1318

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