Thinking of Retiring? (Adjuncts)

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Please be aware that Adjunct CUNY employees, teaching or non-teaching, are not eligible for Retiree Health Insurance benefits under the NYC Health Benefits Program or the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund.

How do I get ready to retire?

Before making an appointment with the Retirement Counselor, please answer this questionnaire and email the information to Welfare Fund Retiree counselor Sandra Zaconeta,

Many of your questions must be directed to CUNY HR, the Teachers Retirement System or TIAA. Here's a list of those questions and who to contact.

For information on the retirement process, begin with the Benefits Office at your campus or workplace. CUNY holds pre-retirement information seminars throughout the year. Your benefits officer will have the dates.

If you have a Teachers' Retirement System pension, call (888) 869-2877 and schedule an appointment at the TRS office on 55 Water Street. Visit the very useful TRS website.

If you have a TIAA retirement account, meet with the TIAA representative on your campus.

Take a look at the Thinking of Retiring Checklist:

  1. One to two years before your expected retirement date, meet with Human Resources at your college and with the Welfare Fund Retirement Counselor.
  2. If you are 65 or older, apply for Medicare Part B three months before your retirement date. Doing so will help ensure Medicare becomes your primary insurance at the time of your retirement.
  3. To continue your NYSUT member benefits and to stay active with the PSC, update your status with the PSC membership department and join the Retirees Chapter.



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