Wellness Benefit (Adjuncts)

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Coverage under the adjunct plan is individual-only. You may elect to purchase family coverage. Please call the fund office for more information and the current rate. Family premiums must be paid on a quarterly basis. Enrollment in NYC-CBP basic health insurance, family coverage, is requisite. The Welfare Fund Family Enrollment Supplement form is here.

How does the NYC Weight Watchers program work?

The NYC Weight Watchers program is a partnership between Weight Watchers and the City of New York. With the City’s program, employees have access to a subsidy reducing the cost of membership by more than 50% off the regular price.  Benefit-eligible dependents (spouses, children 18-26) and retirees can enjoy discounted pricing. Spouses and dependents of retirees are not eligible for the discount. The dollar value of this contribution/benefit will be included as taxable income to the employee.

Meetings (includes OnlinePlus)



Spouses/Domestic Partners/Dependents (over age 18)/Retirees






Spouses/Domestic Partners/Dependents (over age 18)/Retirees*


 *Spouses and dependents of retirees are not eligible for the discount.

Before you begin:

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View Registration Instructions for Retirees

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