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The PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund provides benefits referred to as supplemental health insurance (WF Supplemental Benefits). These are the benefits described in this SPD. Some of these Welfare Fund benefits vary according to which basic health insurance a plan participant has. Enrollment in NYC Health Benefits Program basic health insurance is a pre-requisite to eligibility for full participation in the Welfare Fund benefits program. 

Coverage under the adjunct plan is individual-only. You may elect to purchase family coverage at the rate of $190.75 per month, payable quarterly. Enrollment in NYC-CBP basic health insurance, family coverage, is requisite. Welfare Fund Family Enrollment Supplement form is here.

Basic Health Insurance (CUNY/City Program)

All covered persons receive basic health insurance through the NYC Employee Health Program. This consists of hospital and medical insurance provided by one or more carriers chosen by the plan participant.* Campus Human Resources offices or the New York City Health Benefits Program (NYC HBP) should be able to answer questions regarding this level of coverage.

This basic health insurance also provides coverage for certain drugs. At the time of this writing, these are still called the PICA drugs but are limited to injectable and chemotherapy medications. Campus Human Resources officers or the NYC HBP should be consulted for further detail and updates. You will be issued a drug card specifically for the PICA drugs. It is not a Welfare Fund benefit. The phone number for the NYC HBP is 212-306-7200.

*Participants in the HIP Prime HMO are covered for the optional rider providing Appliances and Private Duty Nursing under that plan.



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